Imlie Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Imlie Wiki Realse Date And Timing:

Imlie Each day spare Sunday at 8:30 am, the appearance of affectation on television. There’s too an extra appearing at 9:30 AM. It’s conceivable that Imlie could be a Hindi TV arrangement that debuted on Star Plus and Disney+ Hotstar on November 16, 2020.

Imlie Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Characters:

 The main characters of Gul Khan and Mayuri Deshmukh, Fahmaan Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Sumbul Touqeer  the Four Lions Motion pictures. Within the play’s current version, Megha Chakraborty, Karan Vohra, and Seerat Kapoor were the foremost noticeable figures. Since September 2023, Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao have been the foremost unmistakable performing artists within the appear, they are depicting the third period. Since September 2023, Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao have depicted the larger part of the third era’s on-screen characters.

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Imlie, a skilled youthful lady from a town, must wed an essayist after they discover protection in a cabin amid a heavy rainstorm. When she arrives within the city, she finds out that her companion is stuck and attending to get hitched.

Agastya is distinctive from Daadi. Grandmother says she recollects the old days when they all rested in one room, but presently she can’t live with her children and should take off this house for as long as possible. Govind concurs with her. Agastya wants to stay here and arrange something to require back their house from Vishwa. Sonali said she is remaining with him, so Navya and Vishwa have to be taken out of our house since there’s not sufficient space for all of us. Grandma likes them.

Imlie furtively goes into Vishwa’s room whereas he is resting and takes something from him unobtrusively. She employs her unique mark to open it and observes the recorded video on her phone, because she needs to know who passed on within the accident. She takes his pack and strolls out of the room. She sees Agastya standing.

Vishwa’s legal counsellor called him to say that Agastya and Sonali are checking in the event that Vishwa is attempting to take their property. In the event that they discover it, they have 1 week to induce their things back and Vishwa will be in inconvenience. Vishwa gives cash to the legal counsellor to halt something from happening and tells him to make sure they don’t discover the reply. Imlie tunes into something and must tell Agastya around it. She imagines to be a shrewd individual from a little bunch of individuals and employs keen talks to convince Agastya to inquire around what will happen in her life.  

Imlie Upcoming Story Twist:

Navya reproves Imlie for wearing sindoor and mangalsutra. She says that after getting hitched, Vishwa can put sindoor and mangalsutra on her and she ought to wear a sindoor with Agastya’s title on it. To see all the energising parts of up and coming scenes of this arrangement, you would like to visit Yrkkhdesiserial our site, and observe them at no cost.

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