Udariyaan Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Written Updates

Udaariyaan Realse Date :

Udaariyaan may well be a predominant TV show on Colors TV. It started in Walk 2021 and it is still running.

Udaariyaan Plot Story:

The story incorporates a few invigorating turns. The person in charge of making this TV appear is Uttam Ahkawat. He made it with the help of Devirosh Motion Pictures. The people who financed the show are Ali Hassan and Sargun Mehta.

Udaariyaan With Their Real Names ( Actors and Actress) And Main Role:

The Udaariyaan TV appearance was cherished by various people in India because of the bewildering acting of the cast. You’ll see various celebrated Indian performing craftsmen from the performance industry appear in this TV show. Ankit Gupta plays Fateh, Priyanka Chakar Choudhary plays Tejo, and Twinkle Arora plays Jasmine in this appearance. There are also numerous other performing craftsmen inside the serial.

Udaariyaan Written Updates With Full Storyline:

It looks like three friends from college are in a love triangle. Two of them are sisters, named Tejo and Jasmine, and the other is their friend Fateh. Jasmine wanted to go to Canada and she mostly looked out for herself. Jasmine and Fateh become closer, and Tejo also has feelings for Fateh, but she keeps them to herself because her sister also likes him. Jasmine and Fateh decided to hitchhike, and their families agreed to it. Jasmine left her wedding to move to Canada. Jasmine’s family felt very embarrassed when they found out about her mistake. Tejo and Fateh got married because their families wanted them to. After they got married, they started to develop feelings for each other. Jasmine came back later and then married Amrik. Amrik and Fateh were siblings. Angad used Tejo. He lit a fire in Tejo’s room and Tejo died in the fire.

In the story, Udaariyaan, Jasmine, and Amrik go to London and see a girl who resembles Tejo. They took her back to their house. She goes by the name Tanya. Amrik tried to save her from an accident but didn’t survive. After that, something unexpected happened when Tejo came back to life. Jasmine went to Canada and got married to Yash. Fateh and Tejo met again. Jasmine had Amrik’s baby and then left the baby at the hospital without telling anyone. Tejo and Fateh discovered it and took the child back home. They brought her up as if she was their child. Meanwhile, 8 years later, Jasmine came back with her daughter Naaz. Fateh and Tejo tell her about the child they brought up. Nehmat means giving someone a favor or blessing them. Naaz and Nehmat became really good friends. In a car accident, everyone in the family died except for Naaz and Jasmine, who left the country.

In the story, Alia says that you were in charge, so don’t lie about it. You were the one making decisions. Aasma says it’s not true. Armaan asks about Deepak. The doctor said he was okay and the surgery went well. Armaan says it’s time to stop lying and tell the truth to everyone. Alia wants to know if you are coming to share the news about the pregnancy or trying to find out the truth about your husband. Aasma says you are acting too much. Alia thinks you’re doing this to make me see the truth. Aasma says she will tell me if there is anything. She thinks Armaan left, but if you don’t tell the truth, I will tell everyone about the pregnancy. She goes and prays. She says they tricked and fooled me, I’m planning to trick my family. Alia says if you’re pregnant, then I will lose Armaan forever.

Alia threw a stone at Aasma and Aasma fainted. “Hired thugs took Aasma. Alia said sorry, but she couldn’t handle Aasma’s pregnancy news getting out. “

Udaariyan Serial Latest News:

They can stand up on their own in Sandhus. What will happen next? Will they find their families? To stay updated on the newest news and episodes, go to our website Yrkkhdesiserial, and watch them for free.


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