Pandya Store Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Pandya Store Realse Date:

The Indian television series Pandya Store debuted on Star Plus on January 25, 2021. Given that it portrays the life of an average family, this appearance is usual.

Pandya Store serial cast :

The on-screen characters in this TV appearance were regarded highly by those in attendance because of their exceptional performance. Pradeep Yadav was in charge of Circle Roots’ televised appearance.

Pandya Store serial written updates with full story:

There appears Dhawal disguised as a woman. Natasha is concerned and wonders why he is in this place. Dhawal says, “Ruby, I’m the beauty artist.” Natasha believes he is going to remove his wig. In the  Pandya Store story, Dhawal is invited to accompany her. Chiku says to stop, “Who are you? I called Kajal.” Dhawal claims to have had an emergency, but I’m here to make Natasha look cuter. Chiku says, “I’ll give her a call,” citing her unprofessional behavior. Oh no, Natasha believes all of my efforts will be in vain.

After taking the phone, she says, “Leave it, I’ll get ready, Ruby will take care of the makeup, she’s also pretty.” Suman gives a smile. We’ll take care of the remaining tasks, she says, go grab the paperwork. According to Chiku, if Chutki screams, he will be burned alive. He is doing this for both of them. In the bed, Natasha shoves Dhawal. His hair comes off. She is pulled by him.

Leave me, she says, I persuaded Chiku to return the documents because if she had known, my plan would not have worked. I will die if you marry Shashank, Dhawal adds, and I shall rest here. I won’t marry anyone, she replies, so please calm down and stop saying that. I fear that you will be taken from me, he says. Trust me, she says, not fate. Your romance will make me forget about the paperwork. To feed him the meal, he asks her. I’ll fetch something, she apologizes. She proceeds to grab the food. Chiku inquires about the food while holding it. There’s Isha. When Dhawal sees her, he worries. Isha notices Dhawal.

Pandya Store Serial Upcoming twist:

In the upcoming twist Before proposing to Dhawal, Natasha buys him a baraat. Smiling, he hugs her. What will happen in future episodes? Stay connected with us on our website Yrkkhdesiserial and enjoy all of the upcoming episodes for free.

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