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Colours TV is getting ready for the and other season of Naagin. It is called Naagin 7 and features futuristic characters and exciting stunts. It comes before the story of Naagin 6.


As per the latest and most accurate sources, Priya and Rehaan’s young lady would play the key role in Naagin season 7. When Rehan and Priya got married at the conclusion of the TV show Naagin 6 (Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein), they were incredibly joyful and even made fun of the fact that they had to overcome a lot of challenges. Rehan and Priya’s young lady, who has the powers of a diabolical spirit and a favourite delivery person, is the centre of the story, which is based on Naagin 7.


In Nagin 7, the underutilised Nagin has amazing powers. Sections of the future scenes of this arrangement, you would want to come to our website Yrkkhdesiserial and watch them for free. 

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